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Our Mission, Our Goal
We collect them, too. Collect what, you say? Wrestling trading cards of course. For years we have found the trading
card side of the wrestling hobby something that brought us closer to the action, to the stars themselves. Yes, they
hold some kind of monetary value, but that's not what inspired us to do this website. Other websites feature some of
what we are offering, so please use our
Links page to visit those sites. Some of them are the inspiration for this site!

Over the past few years, we have been all over the Internet looking for websites that could help us gain knowledge
as to the wrestling cards we have and for information for the cards we don't have. The wrestling trading card
collecting world doesn't appear to be as big as sports cards or even non-sports cards (the latter is what wrestling
cards falls under), but we did manage to find a few places that did a pretty good job of assisting us in our collections.
Some of those sites are listed on our
Links page.

Through our World Wide Web travels, we found that there really wasn't a website strictly devoted to detailed
information and complete checklists to professional wrestling trading cards. Sure, we found a few sites that had
lists of Wants/Needs lists and others that listed lots of cards, stickers, postcards, game cards, etc., but we really
wanted to see a website devoted to putting together "official" checklists for only professional wrestling trading cards.
So, we got the idea to start our own website dedicated to just these things. We started with our own collections,
detailing every aspect of our cards and started creating this website ... one checklist at a time. Now, we are over 100
checklists and we keep on getting information from other collectors about other cool card sets.

Everything on this site is done as a labor of love for the hobby. We are not trying to sell anything or make any money
from this site. We simply wanted to create something special for other wrestling trading card collectors.

We hope you enjoy this site and we look forward to hearing from other collectors about what they like, don't like and
help support our efforts to bringing the information to other collectors. You can either email us by using the Contact
link above or post your thoughts, ideas, concerns in one of our

Our goal is simple … To be the best resource for checklists and information about wrestling trading cards anywhere
on the Internet.
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