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We are the most trusted source for checklists and information about the hobby of wrestling trading cards. Established in 2002, we have been collecting, searching for and archiving all things related to wrestling cards. We hope you find our website useful and continue to use it to better understand and identify the cards you have and to better assist you in finding the wrestling cards you are looking for.

Took longer than we had expected for the domain name to move over, but it finally did! We are currently running on the new server and are in the process of linking things. You’re going to find some dead links. We’re aware of this and we are working on getting them all fixed.

You can view the latest updates on the right hand side under “Latest Updates” (catchy name, right!?) or at the bottom of this page if using a tablet or mobile. These are all blogs and each of them is a living, breathing page that you can interact on, discuss that page and share information with each other. This also applies to the actual checklist pages, and in time, every card image will also be a blog that you can discuss specifically about! We hope collectors will find this useful and fun. Please keep things clean and civil. If you come across any errors, please use the Contact Us page, found at the top of every page, on the right side navigation menu (or bottom if on tablet/mobile) and at the bottom of every page as well.

We’ve still got a lot of work to do (it will never end, we know), but the basic information has been moved over and we will continue to keep updating. You will find that images within the checklists are dead links. This is due to all those images resting on the old domain servers and we simply couldn’t just copy and paste them all over to the new site. That itself, will be a huge project going forward. There will literally be thousands of images we are going to have to track down and get for all the things we didn’t have before, in addition to re-uploading all the images we already have. We’ll get there, we promise.

In the meantime, if you come across any errors or updates needed, or you even have some images (1-of-1 card images are going to be a fun project to chase after), you can use the Contact Us page to reach us. Looking forward to hearing your comments, suggestions and concerns.

Thank you – WTC Team

Latest Corrections/Updates

Unlike the Latest Updates found on the navigation menu which lists all new checklists/additions, here we list corrections/updates to checklists/pages that already exist. This section will typically only show these corrections/updates for the past 30 days and rotate from newest entries to oldest.

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