1926 Allen's Wrestlers (Allen's Candy) Billy Edwards (Hammerlock & Leg Cradle Hold)

1926 Allen’s Wrestlers (Allen’s Candy)

___ Al Karasick (Combination Bar & Toe Hold)
___ Billy Edwards
___ Billy Edwards (Hammerlock & Leg Cradle Hold)
___ Billy Meeske
___ Billy Meeske (Standing Reverse Wristlock)
___ Clarence Weber
___ John Kilonis
___ John Kilonis (Aeroplane Spin)
___ John Kilonis (Reverse Head and Armlock)
___ Mike Yokel
___ Mike Yokel (Short Arm Scissors)
___ Mike Yokel (Standing Splits)
___ Sam Clapham
___ Sam Clapham (Standing Wristlock)
___ Sam Clapham (Straight Arm Bar & Shoulder Twist)
___ Sam Clapham vs. Mike Yokel (Body Scissors & Armhold)
___ Ted Thye
___ Ted Thye (Headlock)
___ Ted Thye (Reserve Wristlock)
___ Ted Thye (Standing Reverse Double Wristlock)
___ Walter Miller (Head & Armlock)
___ Walter Miller (Half Nelson)
___ Walter Miller (Head & Crotch Hold)
___ Walter Miller (Straight Arm Scissors)


– Cards are not numbered.

– Cards were released as a free premium with the purchase of a pack of Allen’s Confectionery

– 24 card set was only available in Australia and was released by A.W. Allen of Melbourne, Victoria, for Allen’s Candy.

– Front of the card shows a photo-style representation of a wrestler demonstrating a wrestling hold or maneuver, while the back of the card has advertising and descriptive text.

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