Andre The Giant

1977 Victory Sports Action/Portrait Series (T.V. Sports, Inc)

Action Series
___ Andre vs. Tyler
___ Backlund vs. Von Raschke
___ Brisco vs. Rage
___ Graham vs. Sammartino
___ Mascaras vs. The Outlaw
___ Putski vs. The Wolfman
___ Rhodes vs. King Curtis
___ Sammartino vs. Tanaka
___ Strongbow vs. The Executioner
___ Wrestling II vs. Race

Portrait Series
___ Andre The Giant
___ Bob Backlund
___ Bruno Sammartino
___ Chief Jay Strongbow
___ Dusty Rhodes
___ Ivan Putski
___ Jack Brisco
___ Mil Mascaras
___ Mr. Wrestling II
___ Superstar Graham


– Cards measure 5″ x 7″ and have blank backs.

– Cards were done by mail in only. Each series (Action Series / Portrait Series) were $5 per set (as shown on the ad form).

– Each card clearly shows the 1977 copyright date at the bottom. However, while produced and printed in 1977, they were not advertised in magazines or released until 1978. You will find grading companies referring to these cards as “1978” on their labels.

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