1979 Gulas Rax Roast Beef Championship Wrestling Sample

1979 Gulas/Rax Roast Beef Championship Wrestling

___ Bobby Eaton
___ Chief Thundercloud
___ David Schultz
___ Dennis Condry
___ Donna Bower
___ George Gulas
___ Hans Shroeder
___ Jerry Barber
___ Ken Lucas
___ Len Rossi
___ Mike St. John
___ Nick Gulas
___ Pat Smith
___ Prince Tonga
___ Ricky Gibson
___ Robert Gibson
___ The Red Terror
___ Tojo Yamamoto
___ Tom Renesto, Jr.
___ Tom Renesto, Sr.
___ Tommy Kerkeles
___ Tommy Sloan
___ Cover Card


– Only 1,200 sets produced.

– Distributed in a cellophane pack and handed out to the first 1,200 families (not person) that attended the National Wrestling Alliance’s Mid-America Championship Wrestling “Pre-Thanksgiving Spectacular” at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena in Nashville, TN, November 21, 1979. Cards were tightly packed with a red band around the cellophane.

– All photos on cards were taken by Scott Teal of Crowbar Press.

– Often known as “Rax Roast Beef Restaurants” set or “Pabst Blue Ribbon” set due to both names appearing on the front of each card. These were simply the sponsors of the event.

– Cards are not numbered, but the card backs state name, height, weight, birthplace with copyright and sponsorship information.

– Cover card could be redeemed for free French fries Rax Roast Beef Restaurants. Many were likely redeemed, making these cards rarer than any others within the set.

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