1981 Popy Super Puroresu Figure Cards
(Kajiwara Productions)

___ A – Abdullah the Butcher
___ A – Andre the Giant
___ A – Antonio Inoki
___ A – Mil Mascaras
___ A – Tiger Mask

___ B – Abdullah the Butcher
___ B – Andre the Giant
___ B – Antonio Inoki
___ B – Mil Mascaras
___ B – Tiger Mask

___ Bob Backlund
___ Dory Funk Jr.
___ Giant Baba
___ Harley Race
___ Hulk Hogan
___ Stan Hansen
___ Terry Funk


– PLEASE NOTE: Translations are done as best as possible. If you find that the translation is not correct for any of the cards above, please contact us.

– Released by Kajiwara Productions. Cards state in Japanese “with permission from Kajiwara Productions”.

– Distributed in blister packs of Popy brand wrestling figures. Cards came 8-cards per pack.

– Hulk Hogan and Harley Race are short printed. Card featured on top do not necessarily match or are included with the figure in the package. This is true mainly with the Hogan and Race figures.

– There are multiple subsets. A subset numbered with an “A” [Abdullah the Butcher], with a “B” [Abdullah the Butcher], and an unnumbered subset [Bob Backlund].

Contact us for any errors or updates

1981 Popy Super Puroresu Figure Cards <br> (Kajiwara Productions)

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