Rick Martel (AWA Heavyweight Champion)

1986 Carnation Major League Wrestling Cards

___ Kamala (The Ugandan Giant)
___ Ric Flair (NWA World Champion)
___ Rick Martel (AWA Heavyweight Champion)
___ Sergeant Slaughter (American Champion)
___ The Koloffs (NWA World Tag Team Champions)
___ The Road Warriors (AWA World Tag Team Champions)


– Known as the “Carnation” series or the “Cocoa Mix” series. This is a hot cocoa mix food premium card set. A poster offer is available on the card back.

– Series features both NWA and AWA superstars.

– Card backs have 1985 copyright date, but the set was not released until 1986.

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1986 Carnation Major League Wrestling Cards <br> (Carnation)

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