1988 WWF Tag Teams of the Year (Jay’s Potato Chips Borden) Sample

1988 WWF Tag Teams of the Year (Jay’s Potato Chips/Borden)

___ Billy Jack Haynes
___ Demolition
___ George “The Aminal” Steele
___ Hulk Hogan
___ Jake “The Snake” Roberts
___ Ken Patera
___ Randy “Macho Man” Savage & Elizabeth
___ Slick
___ Strike Force
___ The British Bulldogs & Matilda
___ The Honky Tonk Man
___ The Killer Bees


– Canadian food premium released by Jay’s Potato Chips/Borden Foods.

– Set of 12 WWF stickers measuring 1 3/4″ x 1 3/8″,

– The stickers came wrapped in a clear plastic wrapper (to protect it from grease in the chips) & were issued one per potato chip product.

– Printed in full color with the wrestler(s)’s name printed in either red or green.

Sticker backs are all identical in that they include Borden’s and WWF logos and the title “Tag Team of the Year”.

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