1991 WCW Cromy Header Card

1991 WCW Luchadores Juego De Naipes

___ Header Card
___ A1 Sting
___ A2 Sting
___ A3 Sting
___ A4 Sting
___ B1 El Gigante
___ B2 El Gigante
___ B3 El Gigante
___ B4 El Gigante
___ C1 Steiner Brothers
___ C2 Steiner Brothers
___ C3 Rick Steiner
___ C4 Scott Steiner
___ D1 Barry Windham
___ D2 Barry Windham
___ D3 Barry Windham
___ D4 Barry Windham
___ E1 Rick Flair
___ E2 Rick Flair
___ E3 Lex Luger
___ E4 Lex Luger
___ F1 Flyi’n Brian
___ F2 Big Josh
___ F3 Fabulosos Freebirds
___ F4 Fabulosos Freebirds
___ G1 “P.N. News”
___ G2 Johnny B Badd
___ G3 Diamond Studd
___ G4 Stunning Steve
___ H1 Butch Reed
___ H2 Tom Zenk
___ H3 Dustin Rhodes
___ H4 Ron Simmons
___ Comodin
___ Comodin
___ Juego Del “4” Rules Card


– Card game printed and released in Argentina. Sold as complete set in plastic boxes.

– A sealed deck contains 2 “Comodin” cards or “Wild Cards”, thus listed twice above.

– Rules card states Juego Del “4” on one side and El Juego De La Memoria (“The Memory Game”) on the other side.

– All cards have the same backs, with the “Cromy” name repeated diagonally with WCW printed in the center, also diagonally.

– Cards E1 & E2 misspell Ric Flair name as “Rick Flair”.

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