1992 WWF Good Humor Ice Cream Cards
(Good Humor Ice Cream)

___ Big Boss Man (“You’re going to serve hard time, punk!”)
___ Bret “Hit Man” Hart (“The Hit Man’s got you in his sights, baby.”)
___ Elizabeth (“I love that man [Macho Man]”)
___ Hulk Hogan (“What’cha gonna do when the largest arms in the world and Hulkamania run wild on you?”)
___ Legion of Doom (“What a rushhhh!”)
___ Macho Man Randy Savage (“Oh yeah!”)
___ Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase (“Everybody’s got a price for the Million Dollar Man.”)
___ Mr. Perfect (“Now that’s absolutely perfect!”)
___ Rowdy Roddy Piper (“When I’m good, I’m good; When I’m bad, I’m better!”)
___ Sid Justice (“Justice is in the eye of the beholder.”)
___ The Nasty Boys (“We’re as nasty as we wanna be, baby!”)
___ The Undertaker (“Rest in peace…”)


– Magazine ad [IMAGE]

– Cards found inside boxes of Good Humor Ice Cream bars. There are 12 cards to the set. First wrestling ice cream bar set under the new Good Humor name.

– Copyright date of 1992 found at base of card. 1992 set is gold an blue bordered. Boxes are again identical with no indication of what card is inside.

– Card set is “Catch-Phrase” themed.

– Cards are not numbered and have no information on the backs.


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1992 WWF Good Humor Ice Cream Cards <br> (Good Humor Ice Cream)

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