1993 WWF WrestleMania Coliseum Video Cards
(Evart Enterprises, Inc.)

___ WrestleMania (Hulk Hogan/Mr. T.)
___ WrestleMania 2 (King Kong Bundy/Hulk Hogan)
___ WrestleMania III (Andre The Giant/Hulk Hogan)
___ WrestleMania IV (Macho Man Randy Savage/Miss Elizabeth)
___ WrestleMania V (Macho Man Randy Savage/Hulk Hogan)
___ WrestleMania VI (Ultimate Warrior)
___ WrestleMania VII (Sgt. Slaughter/Hulk Hogan)
___ WrestleMania VIII (Macho Man Randy Savage)
___ WrestleMania IX (Coming Soon …)


– Limited Edition WrestleMania Coliseum Collectors Cards were only available as a free gift with any Coliseum Video (VHS) rental at participating video retailers.

– Cards originally came as a 3 card uncut each. Variations of the uncut, perforated card sheets exist.

– Cards are not numbered.

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