1994 WWF Coliseum Video Akklaim Collector Cards Strategy Tips (Coliseum Video) Sample

1994 WWF Coliseum Video/Akklaim Collector Cards Strategy Tips (Coliseum Video)

___ Doink
___ Luna Vachon
___ Shawn Michaels
___ Yokozuna


– Cards are not numbered.

– Cards are advertisements for the Akklaim video game “WWF RAW”. They were inserted in both the video game packaging itself and through selected Coliseum videos.

– Each card has a picture of the wrestler on the front (posed) with a brief bio. To the right of the posed picture is an image of that wrestler doing their “Mega Move” from the video game.

Card backs are all the same and read:

“Coliseum Video and Akkliam Present … STRATEGY TIPS. Beat Your Opponents While Playing The New WWF RAW Video Game From Akklaim!

Look for secret codes & strategies on the video that will make you a better video game player … WWF RAW Strategies & Secrects The Video!

Also! Additonal Exclusive Tips on the video Paul Bearer’s WWF Hits From The Crypt!”

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