1999 WWF Collectible Motion Cards
(Eastman Kodak)

___ Mankind (Have a Nice Day / The Mandible Claw)
___ The Rock (Know Your Role)
___ Stone Cold Steve Austin (Hell Yeah)
___ Stone Cold Steve Austin (Mr. McMahon gets the “Stone Cold Stunner”)
___ Undertaker (The Undertaker)


– Cards measure 5 x 3½

– Cards are not numbered and there is no information on the back of the cards.

– Developed by Eastman Kodak and packaged by Diamond Packaging. Each card comes in a pillow pack carton since its curved nature emphasizes motion. By looking through the full-sized window, fans can experience their favorite wrestler’s signature moves time and time again simply by rocking the package back and forth.

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1999 WWF Collectible Motion Cards <br> (Eastman Kodak)

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