1999 WWF Talking Cards Series 1 (Micra Soundcards) Sample

1999 WWF Talking Cards Series 1 (MICRA SOUNDCARDS)

___ Stone Cold Steve Austin
___ The Rock
___ Undertaker


– Cards are not numbered. Card backs do contain bio information.

– Promoted as “World’s First WWF Talking Cards” via ad/sales sheet found in December issue of WWF Magazine. You could fill out the order form from the ad or contact them via their website.

– Cards designed to work with MicraPlayer and when pressed, would play out sound bites from that wrestler. (Back of player) (Side of player)

– Collector could order each card individually or in special offers. Introductory Deal Cool!: Included MicraPlayer + 1 Talking Card (You could select which card you wanted). Awesome Attitude Deal: Included MicraPlayer + All 3 Talking Cards.

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