2002 WWE Good Humor Ice Cream Cards (Good Humor) Sample

2002 WWE Good Humor Ice Cream Cards (Good Humor)

___ Chris Jericho
___ Dudley Boyz
___ Edge & Christian
___ Hardy Boyz
___ Kane
___ Kurt Angle
___ Stone Cold Steve Austin
___ The Rock
___ Triple H
___ The Undertaker


– Cards found inside boxes of Good Humor Ice Cream bars. There are 10 cards to the set. This set was originally started in 2001, but was not distributed until 2002.

– The 2002 copyright date appears at bottom of borderless cards. Card backs are not white as all previous releases, but cardboard colored (gray-back). Set features for the first time 5 horizontal shots. Set was issued in 2002, but still in release in both 2003 and 2004. Stone Cold Steve Austin card was pulled from distribution in 2004 following his departure from WWE. Paper dolls on back of boxes again indicate the card inserted inside.

– There are 2 different versions of the 2002 ice cream set. All of the cards are identical, except for the WWE logo replacing the WWF logo in mid-2002. The WWF version of Stone Cold  Steve Austin is a completely different shot than the one that replaced it during the WWE logo changeover. The WWE Stone Cold Steve Austin was available from mid 2002 thru mid 2003 when it was pulled due to Austin leaving the company. Both versions are scarce, as the rest of the set was available for over two years, while these were out only a fraction of that time.

– Cards are not numbered and have no information on the backs.


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