2008 CWA Trading Cards (Champions With Attitude) Sample

2008 CWA Trading Cards (Champions With Attitude)

___ Abel Adams
___ The Alabama Ambassador (Ja’coby Boykins)
___ Amien Rios
___ Asylum
___ Awesome Kong
___ Bill Hazelwood (CWA’s  Pro Wrestling Announcer)
___ Bill Hazelwood
___ Black Pegasus
___ Charles Culler
___ Chris Hamrick
___ Chris Mayne
___ Daffney
___ Danny Dollar
___ CWA Director of Authority (David Garrick)
___ Frank (American Gangsters)
___ Gluteus Maximus
___ Hexxon
___ Jean Pierre Flex
___ Joey Nuggs
___ J.J. Jackson
___ Josh Magnum
___ Kimo
___ Kirby Mack
___ Malachi
___ The Man Scout
___ Matt Graves
___ Mikael Judas
___ Nicky (American Gangsters)
___ Phill Shatter
___ Roger Gleaton (CWA CEO)
___ Rusty Young
___ Shark Girl
___ Sixx
___ Snapp Ego
___ Timber
___ Timber
___ T.J. Mack
___ Xavier Night (The Urban Legend)
___ Zack Salvation


– Cards are traditional trading card size.  Cards are not numbered but contain bio information written on the back.

– Cards were designed and produced by Joe Burkeen and Patricia Bircheat to spotlight the indy promotion Champions With Attitude (CWA) in South Carolina.

– Cards were originally released as singles at CWA wrestling events and could be purchased as a set upon request.

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2008 CWA Trading Cards (Champions With Attitude)

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