2019 Starrcast II Official Trading Cards Sample

2019 Starrcast II Official Trading Cards

___ Ric Flair / Nature Boy Ric Flair 16x World Champion 2x WWE Hall of Famer
___ Sting / WWE Hall of Famer Sting
___ Bret “The Hit Man” Hart /The Hit Man Bret Hart WWE Hall of Famer
___ Bruce Prichard / Bruce Prichard From Something To Wrestle With
___ Ricky Steamboat / The Dragon Ricky Steamboat WWE Hall of Famer
___ Kenta Kobashi / Kenta Kobashi
___ Tatsumi Fujinami / WWE Hall of Famer Tatsu Fujinami
___ Fat Ass Masa / Fat Ass Masa
___ Scott Hall / Razor Ramon Scott Hall WWE Hall of Famer
___ Kevin Nash / Kevin Nash WWE Hall of Famer
___ Sean Waltman / Sean Waltman
___ Tony Schiavone / Tony Schiavone From What Happened When
___ Alicia Atout / Alicia Atout
___ SCU / Christopher Daniels
___ Best Friends / Chuck Taylor & Trent Baretta Best Friends
___ Brian Pillman Jr. / Brian Pillman Jr
___ Private Party / Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen Private Party
___ Lucha Bros / Penta El Zero M
___ Taz / The Human Suplex Machine Taz
___ Conrad Thompson / Conrad Thompson
___ Joey Janela and Penelope Ford / The Bad Boy Joey Janela
___ Dean Malenko / Dean Malenko
___ Gorillas of Destiny G.O.D. / Tama Tonga
___ Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Ric Flair, Barry Windham, JJ Dillon / JJ Dillon WWE Hall of Famer
___ Lita / Amy Dumas AKA Lita WWE Hall of Famer
___ Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler / Jim Ross WWE Hall of Famer The Voice of Wrestling
___ Arn Anderson / The Enforcer Arn Anderson WWE Hall of Famer
___ Magnum TA / Tully Blanchard WWE Hall of Famer
___ RVD / Jerry Lynn
___ Booker T / From “The Hall of Fame Podcast” Booker T
___ Rock n Roll Express / Ricky Morton Robert Gibson Rock n Roll Express WWE hall of Famers
___ Colt Cabana / Colt Cabana
___ Joey Ryan / Joey Ryan
___ Scarlett Bordeaux / Scarlett Bordeaux
___ Tom Magee / Tom Magee
___ Eric Bischoff / Eric Bischoff


– Print run information: 1,000 sets released. Cards printed by Chris Smith.

– Cards are un-numbered, with images on the front and back of cards and originally sold as a boxed set at Starrcast II convention held in Las Vegas in March of 2019 and later released through Highspots.com.
(Box Front)  (Box Back)

– Cards can be a bit confusing and should not be confused with other, unofficial cards made for this event. These cards are green border on one side and white border on the other. Card front, according to the designer, are the green boarder side. Most cards feature the same talent on both sides, but there are a few that feature one wrestler on one side and a different on the other. Refer to checklist for clarification.

– Checklist is listed with green border side listed first / white border side listed second.

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