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2021 WWE Turn Back The Clock

___ 1 Ron Simmons wins the WCW Championship PR-149
___ 2 King Booker wins the World Heavyweight Championship PR-113
___ 3 Alicia Fox wins the Divas Championship PR-109
___ 4 Mark Henry wins the World Heavyweight Championship PR-107
___ 5 Big E wins the NXT Championship PR-104
___ 6 Sasha Banks wins the Raw Women’s Championship PR-257
___ 7 Naomi wins the SmackDown Women’s Championship PR-110
___ 8 Ember Moon wins the NXT Women’s Championship PR-108
___ 9 Kofi Kingston wins the WWE Championship PR-146


– This 9 card set was released as an on-line exclusive through the Topps website during the week of March 2, 2021 through March 9, 2021. Cards could be ordered individually during that week, and the print run was released after the sales window had closed.

– Print run (PR) totals are shown above, after card name/title.

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