2022 - 2023 The Seated Senton Pro Wrestling Trading Cards Sample

2022 – 2023 The Seated Senton Pro Wrestling Trading Cards

Series 1
___ SS-1 Aaron Williams (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS-2 Josh Crane (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS-3 Madness of Trip (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS-4 Trever Aeon (Authentic Autograph) PR-100

Series 2
___ SS2-1 HollyHood Haley J (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS2-2 Amazing Maria (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS2-3 Megan Myers (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS2-4 Princess Victoria (Authentic Autograph) PR-100

Series 3
___ SS3-1 Franco Varga (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS3-2 Jake Crist (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS3-3 Cerin Rahne (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS3-4 The Outrunners (Authentic Autograph) PR-100*

Series 4
___ SS4-1 Jock Samson (Authentic Autograph) PR 100
___ SS4-2 Papa Maniwa (Authentic Autograph) PR 100
___ SS4-3 Cash Flo (Authentic Autograph) PR 100
___ SS4-4 Jeff Cannonball (Authentic Autograph) PR 100

Series 5
___ SS5-1 Madman Pondo (Authentic Autograph) PR 100
___ SS5-2 Amazing Maria (Authentic Autograph) PR 100
___ SS5-3 John Wayne Murdoch (Authentic Autograph) *

Un-Numbered Cards
___ Mac Daddy Mike Autograph and partial checklist card*
___ Avista Varlowe (Authentic Autograph) PR 100
___ Cyclone Jones (Authentic Autograph) PR 100
___ Madman Pondo (Authentic Autograph) PR 100
___ The Outrunners #2 (Authentic Autograph) PR 100
___ Reed Bentley (Authentic Autograph) PR 100

The Bruisers 5-Card Set
___ 1 Mitch Malik
___ 2 Robert Katchem
___ 3 The Crusher
___ 4 The Bruisers (TagTeam)
___ 5 The Bruisers (Trios)

___ The Seated Senton Fanzine Logo Released 2-10-2021 (PR-20)
___ Avista Varlowe (Authentic Autograph) Released 5-12-2022 (PR-100)


– Cards are numbered and then hand numbered out of 100 on the back.

– Promo card “The Seated Senton Fanzine” came exclusively with The Seated Senton Fanzine #1 and only 20 of these were released. Promo card Avista Varlowe was released as a test run.

– All other cards have a print run of 100, with 50 sold through their online store, and the other 50 sold directly through the Wrestlers who are on the card.

– Many of the autographs on these cards have various colors.

– SS5-4 Orin Veidt (Authentic Autograph) was intended for Series 5, but does not exist. An agreement could not be reached and therefore the card was never printed.

– * SS5-3 John Wayne Murdoch (Authentic Autograph) from Series 5 was only issued to those who pre-ordered the card. Collectors were refunded for the card, but still sent the card. It is considered a freebie to all those who pre-ordered the card.

– The Mac Daddy Mike Autograph/Checklist card has 2 versions. One has the full “Mac Daddy Mike’ autograph, and there are only 10 of these cards. The other 90 cards are autographed as only ‘Mac Daddy‘. These cards were sent to collectors who placed orders from their online store as a bonus. There was no charge for these cards.

– * Card number SS3-4, The Outrunners, had a print run of 100 cards, but 50 cards were accidentally damaged, so collectors who had pre-ordered this card were given a card from the 50 that were given to The Outrunners. A second card of The Outrunners was printed, on thicker card stock, and will be issued to all those who placed a pre-order for the original one. UPDATE (10/22/23): Due to logistical issues in getting these cards signed, the 2nd print run is actually limited to only 10 cards, even though the card backs state “#/100”.

– The Bruisers 5-card set, released in 2023, is not an autographed set and available only through the talent. Each card has a print run of 25 cards.

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