2022 - 2023 The Seated Senton Pro Wrestling Trading Cards Sample

2022 – 2023 The Seated Senton Pro Wrestling Trading Cards

Series 1
___ SS-1 Aaron Williams (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS-2 Josh Crane (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS-3 Madness of Trip (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS-4 Trever Aeon (Authentic Autograph) PR-100

Series 2
___ SS2-1 HollyHood Haley J (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS2-2 Amazing Maria (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS2-3 Megan Myers (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS2-4 Princess Victoria (Authentic Autograph) PR-100

Series 3
___ SS3-1 Franco Varga (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS3-2 Jake Crist (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS3-3 Cerin Rahne (Authentic Autograph) PR-100
___ SS3-4 The Outrunners (Authentic Autograph) PR-100

Series 4
___ SS4-1 Jock Samson PR 100
___ SS4-2 Papa Maniwa PR 100
___ SS4-3 Cash Flo PR 100
___ SS4-4 Jeff Cannonball PR 100

Series 5
___ SS5-1 Mad Man Pondo PR 100
___ SS5-2 Amazing Maria
___ SS5-3 John Wayne Murdoch
___ SS5-4 Orin Veidt

___ The Seated Senton Fanzine Logo Released 2-10-2021 (PR-20)
___ Avista Varlowe (Authentic Autograph) Released 5-12-2022 (PR-100)


– Cards are numbered and then hand numbered out of 100 on the back.

– Promo card “The Seated Senton Fanzine” came exclusively with The Seated Senton Fanzine #1 and only 20 of these were released. Promo card Avista Varlowe was released as a test run.

– All other cards have a print run of 100, with 50 sold through their online store, and the other 50 sold directly through the Wrestlers who are on the card.

– Trever Aeon, Megan Myers & Princess Victoria cards released in October 2022.

– All of Series 3 cards will be released in January 2023.

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