2023 GCW & TNT Collector Cards Sample

2022 GCW vs TNT Collectors Cards

___ Joey Janela
___ Dan Maloney
___ Visage
___ Lizzy Evo
___ Alex Colon
___ Tate Mayfairs
___ Drew Parker
___ Tony Deppen
___ Cole Radrick
___ JWM
___ Big F’n Joe
___ EFFY
___ Session Moth
___ Allie Katch
___ Robbie X
___ Blake Christian
___ Dean Allmark
___ Che Monet
___ Joe Lando
___ Clint Margera
___ Jimmy Lloyd
___ Man Like Dereiss
___ Nick Wayne
___ Jordan Oliver
___ Gene Munny
___ Millie Mckenzie
___ Matt Cardona
___ She Wolves
___ Kings of the North
___ Nico Angelo
___ Liverbirds
___ TNT Tag Team Championship
___ TNT Ultra X Championship
___ TNT World Championship
___ TNT World Extreme Championship
___ TNT Women’s Championship
___ GCW World Tag Team Championship
___ GCW World Championship
___ GCW Ultraviolent Chmapionship
___ GCW Extreme Championship
___ TNT Women’s Tag Team Championship
___ TNT Extreme Wrestling
___ Game Changer Wrestling


– Game Changer Wrestling release. Cards are unnumbered and all have the same backs. Sets distributed in flip top box.

– This set was released at the TNT Extreme Wrestling show. Reports from sources at the show say TNT produced them and were supposed to have 150 sets made, but there were only 10 sets for sale at the show.

– Sets first landed into collector’s hands at the event in September of 2022, but on January 10, 2023, 20 sets were made available on GCWMerch.com. GCW confirmed this was all the stock they had available. This checklist was first published incorrectly as a 2023 release.

– Estimated PR- Approximately 50 sets. This print run total is based on conflicting reports, so it is tough to fully know how many sets were actually produced/distributed.

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