WTCtv Episodes 70-79

WTCtv Episode 70: Huskerhav’s: Website Update & Prize Giveaways
WTCtv Episode 71: AEW Trading Cards w/ Upper Deck’s Billy Celio
WTCtv Episode 72: NAWA Indie Trading Cards w/ Jason Freeman
WTCtv Episode 73: Chopps Cards & Collectibles w/ Mario Duval
WTCtv Episode 74: WWF WrestleMania (Fleer) w/ Jamie Stocker
WTCtv Episode 75: What’s Going on With Wrestling Cards (Feb 2022)
WTCtv Episode 76: Limitless Trading Cards: Modern Day Grail Cards?
WTCtv Episode 77: The BOOM! Topps Chrome, WWE Panini & More
WTCtv Episode 78: Opening Up A Can of Whoop-A$% w/ The 5 Tool Show
WTCtv Episodes 70-79

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