1991 WWF Gold Bond Ice Cream Cards
(Gold Bond Ice Cream)

___ Big Boss Man (The Boss Man Slam)
___ Honky Tonk Man (‘Shake, Rattle ‘n Roll)
___ Hulk Hogan (Boot to the Face)
___ Jake “The Snake” Roberts (The DDT)
___ Macho King Randy Savage (Elbow off the Top Buckle)
___ Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase (The Million Dollar Dream Sleeperhold)
___ Mr. Perfect (The Perfect-Plex)
___ Rowdy Roddy Piper (Anything that comes to mind)
___ Sensational Queen Sherri (Manager of Macho King Randy Savage)
___ Sgt. Slaughter (The Camel Clutch)
___ Superfly Jimmy Snuka (Superfly Splash off the Top Ropes)
___ Ultimate Warrior (Gorillla Press-Big Splash Combination)


– Magazine Ads [1-Page] [1-Page]

– Cards found inside boxes of Gold Bond Ice Cream bars. There are 12 cards to the set.

– The copyright date of 1991 is at the base of the cards. All cards are blue and gold bordered. Boxes are identical to one another once again, leaving no indication on which card was inside.

– Card set is “Finishing Move” themed.

– Cards are not numbered and have no information on the backs.


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1991 WWF Gold Bond Ice Cream Cards <br> (Gold Bond Ice Cream)

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