1991 WWF Wrestling Trading Cards
(Swanson Foods)

___ Big Boss Man
___ Bret “Hitman” Hart
___ Hulk Hogan
___ Jake “The Snake” Roberts
___ Legion Of Doom
___ Macho Man Randy Savage
___ Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase
___ Rockers (Marty and Shawn)
___ Texas Tornado
___ The Bushwhackers
___ The Mountie
___ Ultimate Warrior


– Cards were released in Canada as a T.V. dinner food premium by Swanson Foods and distributed in 2-card packs.

– Cards are not numbered. Each card contains bio information on the back in both English and French.

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  1. Any more info on what a mint condition full set still in wrappers would catch now a days?

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