2007 WWE eTopps Trading Cards

___ 1 – Batista
___ 2 – John Cena
___ 3 – Shawn Michaels
___ 4 – The Rock
___ 5 – Undertaker
___ 6 – “Rowdy” Roddy Piper
___ 7 – Torrie Wilson


– Cards 1-6 are individually serially numbered to 999 and card number 7 is individually serially numbered to 867.

– All cards are encased in acrylic.

– Cards are only available through a Topps online promotion called eTopps.

– eTopps is a revolutionary type of trading card launched by Topps in 2000.  Each week a limited number of sports cards are offered exclusively through eTopps.com.  The distribution of the cards is unique because unlike traditional trading cards, eTopps cards are not available in packs or found in retail stores.  eTopps card owners have the ability to have their cards held in an online portfolio, while Topps physical possess the cards in a climate-controlled warehouse located in Delaware.  Those collectors who would like to have their cards may have their cards shipped to them.  An up-to-the-minute value of the cards is tracked and reported to the owner’s portfolio as result of sales conducted on the eBay trading floor.

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