2008 RAW Trading Cards
(Riot Act Wrestling)

___ 001 – “Nancy Boi” Nathaniel Grimm
___ 002 – The Red Haired Loon
___ 003 – Psycho Steve
___ 004 – Jordan E
___ 005 – “E-Train” Edgar Stryfe
___ 006 – Tiger Kid
___ 007 – The Magic Circle
___ 008 – “The Brutal Bad Boy” Boo Lemont
___ 000 – Omer Ibrahim


– Card dimension is the same as a business card.  Each card is numbered and contains bio information written in English on the back.

– Cards were designed and produced by Matt Doyle to spotlight the indie promotion, Riot Act Wrestling (RAW) in England.

– This is an ongoing series, with 8 new cards being released every 2 months at RAW events.

– “000” Special Cards are not part of the original set as they are being released as special gifts in Riot Act Wrestling videos and magazines every 2 months in conjunction with the release of a new set of 8 cards.

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2008 RAW Trading Cards <br> (Riot Act Wrestling)

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