2016 PWG Battle Of Los Angeles Trading Cards Tommy End

2016 PWG: Battle Of Los Angeles (BOLA)

___ 1 Cody Rhodes
___ 2 Kamaitachi
___ 3 Jeff Cobb
___ 4 Mark Haskins
___ 5 Dalton Castle
___ 6 Pete Dunne
___ 7 Sami Callihan
___ 8 Tommy End
___ 9 Trevor Lee
___ 10 Cedric Alexander
___ 11 John Hennigan
___ 12 Jack Gallagher
___ 13 Chris Hero
___ 14 Mark Andrews
___ 15 Ricochet
___ 16 Matthew Riddle
___ 17 Marty Scurll
___ 18 Matt Sydal
___ 19 Kyle O’Reilly
___ 20 Fenix
___ 21 Zack Sabre, Jr.
___ 22 Will Ospreay
___ 23 Pentagon Jr.
___ 24 Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger

___ Super Dragon
___ Excalibur
___ “Legion” Larry
___ Mount Rushmore


– Set was designed by Brian ‘da brain’ Ubben and printed by Chris Smith.

– Originally, there were 150 sets with one bonus card per set, no box, handed out at the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: BOLA (Battle of Los Angeles) event, September 2nd-4th, 2016 by Brian ‘da brain’ Ubben. This information can be confirmed by watching the interview with Brian Ubben and Tony Vela on the WTCtv YouTube channel, episode #9.

– After initial run was handed out, Highspots.com began selling them and ordered an extra 100-150 sets which included all 4 bonus cards. Extra sets printed cannot be confirmed, as that info was lost according to the printer. The 100-150 number comes from the printer, Chris Smith. These sets were in boxes. No difference in the cards, except the Highspots.com print run of cards were in a box and featured all 4 bonus cards.

– Cards are numbered and do contain bio information on the back.

– Uncut sheets do exist and have been found on eBay. It is unknown how these were made public.

– Card style is a homage to the 1991 WCW Impel release.

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  1. Lets talk about the talent in this set. So many current stars in their indie hey-day. One of the big ones, Tommy End, who was Aleister Black in the WWE, until recently. This guy is a star in every sense of the word. And Matt Riddle, currently signed to the WWE Raw brand as part of the tag team “R.K. Bro” with Randy Orton. I know he’s not everybodys cup of tea, but I enjoy his style, and he just cracks me up!!!
    John Hennigan is another one who has gained fame as John Morrison. I never Knew that The Young Bucks were members of Mount Rushmore.
    This set has it all, Cody Rhodes, Pete Dunne, The Lucha Bros, Ricochet, and so many more. This set is thought to be the set that started the indie wrestling card craze, and deservedly so.
    The company would go on to release 2 more sets of cards in 2017 and 2018. They are highly sought after, and anyone who is lucky to have this set has a piece of wrestling card history in their possession. I believe there are many ‘first appearances’ in this set.
    What are some thoughts on this set? Who surprised you the most to see in this set?

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