2020 Steve Austin 316 Day On Demand Set 1

2020 Steve Austin 3:16 Day On Demand Set

___ 1 Steve Austin def. Shawn Michaels For His First WWE Championship 3:29.1998
___ 2 Steve Austin def. Kane for the WWE Championship 6:29.1998
___ 3 Steve Austin def. The Rock In A No Disqualification Match 3:28.1999
___ 4 Steve Austin Forms An Unholy Alliance For the WWE Championship 4:1.2001
___ 5 Steve Austin Wins The WWE Championship For The Alliance 10:8 2001

___ SCSA Stone Cold Steve Austin Celebrates #316Day With Becky Lynch March 16


– Print Run of 137 Sets.

– These 5 cards were sold as a set, and the Bonus card was released a few days later as a bonus to this set. A lot of people missed the bonus card when they ordered, because it hadn’t been released yet, so Topps was kind enough to send the card separately to everyone who ordered the 5 card set. The SCSA Bonus card looks different from the other 5 cards in the set. It’s released as a WWE Topps Now card with the Topps Now Logo on the front of the card.

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  1. I find it funny that the bonus card says that Stone Cold Steve Austin celebrates 3:16 Day with Becky Lynch, yet Becky is nowhere to be seen on the card. LOL

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