2022 Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (Village Vanguard)

___ Maki Ito
___ Mizuki
___ Pom Harajuku
___ Rika Tatsumi
___ Shoko Nakajima
___ Yuka Sakazaki
___ Yuki Aino


– Village Vanguard released a set of 7 acetate cards featuring Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling stars wearing Village Vanguard uniforms as part of an in-store signing at the store.

– These were available to order for 700 yen each for one random card from May 25 to June 5 2022 alongside other merchandise. The cards are clear, thin acetates with only an image on the front. More information can be found at: https://www.village-v.co.jp/news/item/13394

– Information provided by @garrywrestling on twitter.

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