2018 – 2020 PCW Ultra Wrestling Cards Tessa Blanchard

2018 – 2021 PCW Ultra Wrestling Cards

___ Penta El Zero M (2018)
___ Tessa Blanchard (2018)
___ Shane Strickland (2018)
___ Road Warrior Animal (2018)
___ Mil Mascaras (2019)
___ Sami Callihan (2019)
___ Mil Muertes (2019)
___ Warbeast (2019)
___ Alex Hammerstone (2019)
___ Jake Atlas (2020)
___ Ron Simmons (2021)

___ Rob Van Dam (2020)


– Only 200 of each card printed, according to PCWUltra.com website. However, there appears to be some information about additional print runs, making the official print run totals unknown.

– Cards were released individually at their shows and through their website, PCWUltra.com.

– Cards are un-numbered. The number in parenthesis is the year that card was released.

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2018 – 2021 PCW Ultra Wrestling Cards

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  1. I just checked out their website, and they have reduced the price of these cards to just $2.50 each. They still have a limited supply of all of them except for the Tessa Blanchard card. Hers has sold out. I have these cards, and I recommend adding them to your collection. Nice looking cards, and a few highly collectible names in this set.

    1. It appears that they may have done another batch of prints on their cards. Would love to get official print run on these, which based on the evidence so far, indicates they are much more than the stated 200 they claim.